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This page shows information about the server license.

License ID

Your server license ID, please memorize or save it somewhere. It is needed when requesting support.

Hardware ID

A unique server ID, you need this to register your license on our client area


Your license expiration date, after which you server will stop working.

Max Users

The maximum number of users your license can handle. This number includes all kind of user status, such as active, expired...etc


About SAS4 License

A license is necessary for SAS4 to work. If you don't see a license ID (N/A) then usually this means your SAS server could not reach our license server. SAS checks for license every 24 hours. If it fails to check it at least once in 24 hours, then your server will go into INACTIVE state, in which it will not accept RADIUS requests and the web portal will show only basic pages for Network settings & Dashboard.

Please make sure your server always has proper internet connection and your DNS is correctly configured to avoid service disruption.